Mankato Computer Repair’s animating purpose is to provide technological solutions and services for businesses and consumers alike. A key part of the organizational philosophy at MCR is also to provide a rewarding professional environment that fosters innovation and creativity. Here are some aspects of the employee experience at MCR that we feel distinguish us as both an IT company and a growing, locally-owned business.


  • True Collaboration

At MCR, we value good ideas, wherever they come from. MCR celebrates and encourages the input of all its employees and often develops policies and standard operating procedures based on the feedback and insight of the techs who do the work. The result is something of an egalitarian approach to strategic planning—we understand that people will work harder to achieve goals that they truly believe in and have taken part in creating.


  • Homegrown and Employee Owned

MCR was founded by members of the Mankato community and prides itself in providing excellent service to that community. All owners of MCR also hold active roles within the business—there are no silent partners—part of ownership is continuing to help grow and develop the company.


  • Merit Based Compensation

All MCR employees have the opportunity to earn rewards based upon the quality of their work and the value they add to the company. Commissions, performance bonuses and profit sharing are part of a concerted effort to ensure that as the company does better, our employees do better.


  • Problem Solving and Diversity of Operations

Part of what draws many people to IT in the first place is the love of solving problems and developing new solutions. Our employees get the opportunity to try new things, increase their skills, build on their existing strengths and can be sure that they will always encounter new and novel challenges to work on.


  • Long Term Career Development

Many of our employees who have moved into management or higher level tech roles over the years have started out at entry level positions and moved up within the company as they demonstrated their value and honed their skills. At MCR, we strive to promote from within whenever possible and believe in providing an environment where employees can learn, grow and achieve professional and personal long-term goals.


We think we’ve created something truly special at MCR—a community where employees engage in enjoyable work within a pleasant environment, along side people who share their values, all while serving their community. If you’re interested in joining the MCR team, or just getting to know us better, come in and see us.