Windows 10 is an evolving operating system and Microsoft developers have fallen into a pattern of releasing major feature updates twice annually. These updates, formerly referred to as “Creator’s Updates” are the tools developers use to smooth out the rough edges, add new functionality and improve user experiences. With the release of a new feature update coming in October 2018, what changes can users expect?



Clipboard Evolved


For many computer users, the copy and paste tool is essential but hasn’t changed much since the earliest versions of Windows. In the past, only one segment of text or media could be copied to the clipboard at any given time and when a user copied something else, you would lose what was previously stored. With the latest feature update, users can open a clipboard window which shows the history of everything that has been copied, making it possible to switch between multiple items and even pin (permanently save) items you copy and paste frequently. There is also a feature which allows your clipboard to be synced to the Microsoft cloud, giving users the ability to copy something from a computer and paste it on a tablet or a different computer, assuming both devices are signed into a Microsoft account.



How You See Things


As with most of the feature updates, a lot of the changes are additional visual flairs and graphics optimizations. New visual theme options allow users to change file explorer to a dark background. The update also includes settings to help quickly optimize wireless display streaming to other devices and quick audio and video controls for gaming. The Focus Assist feature will also turn off system notifications automatically when you’re playing a full screen game.



Searching For Details


Searches initiated from the start menu will display results in a wider window and will now provide previews for documents and applications. In previous builds, the search feature would already display previews of web results for certain terms, but the new update will allow the search to display the first few lines of a document, or show a preview of a picture, giving you a more detailed sense of the results for your query.



Check Your Levels


Have you tried changing the batteries? Windows is taking the guess work out of Wireless and Bluetooth enabled peripherals and will now display battery levels from the Devices section of PC Settings. This means you can take the time to charge your speakers before you watch that movie or change the battery out in your wireless mouse prior to sitting down to write that big paper.





When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft told users this was the last operating system they would ever own. The jury on that is still out on that claim, but for now Microsoft does seem committed to making ongoing efforts to transform 10 and improve its functionality rather than moving on to a completely different platform. If you’d like to see a complete list of all changes coming to the OS the Fall 2018 update, you can find them here. If you have any questions about how Windows 10 is running on your PC, come see us at Mankato Computer Repair.